What is the meaning of Modernism?

In the cultural context, modernism emerged in the 19th century with the idea that the traditional literary, artistic, social organization and daily life lost their validity.

It is accepted that the modernist movement, which is a special name in terms of art history, emerged in France in the middle of the 19th century. Modernism reigned roughly between 1884 and 1914. The idea on which it is based is that traditional arts, literature, social institutions and daily life are out of date, and so these must be set aside and a new culture must be invented. Modernism argues that everything from business to philosophy should be questioned. In this way, elements of culture can be replaced with new and better ones. According to modernism, the new changes and innovations brought about by the 20th century were permanent, at the same time they were ‘good’ and ‘beautiful’ because they were new, and the society had to revise and adapt its world view according to these predictions.

Modernism has been used to describe a style that breaks well-known conventions. He aimed to create more appropriate forms for his sensibility in a new age. Some examine the modernism observed in the 20th century in two movements, “modernism” and “postmodernism”. But according to some views, modernism and postmodernism are just two different aspects of a movement.

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